Sound is More than Sonic

Sound is much more than sonic itself. We knew that because everyone has such kind of experience. After doing some research, I listed what I found as below, trying to find more specific content behind sound.
  1. The affect on sound caused by musical instrument.

For example, there will be different style if same music playing with different instrument

[ Example ]

Composition: BGM from < Pacific Rim >

Original version:

Music box version:

Chinese traditional instrument version:

  1.  Sound is visible

According to Neil Harbisson, ‘There is relative colour for most of sound. He mapped sound with colours’.

        For example, the speech given by Hitler(left) and Martin Luther King looks totally different. The colour of the latter looks more smoothy.

Images Generated by Speech of Adolf Hilter and Martin Later King

  1.        Musical instrument is the key element that determine the [experimental] music art.
[ John Cage ]: Comparing with other music genre, timbre is more important to (experimental)music.
This is to say, sound quality might be quite relative with emotion.

Artists are trying to play sound with different way that quite different from classic music style.

[ Example1 ]
[ Example2 ]

It is even possibly to say that expressionism is a kind of art that put the expression to the key element instead of content.
Painting: [ Wassily Kandinsky ] – Abstract Painting
Drama: [ August Strindberg ]
Music: [ Arnold Schoenberg ] – Twelve-tone technique

Artists of expressionism think art should not be described or symbolise anything, instead, it should express directly the feeling we have, the experience and spirit at that moment.

Based on Strindberg, Alban Berg developed atonality music, which is less musical. And Anton Webern developed serial music based on atonality music. From this point, the sound can be made to music completely with a serial of independent sound.

  1. Make sound using the feeling of audience, and environment of that moment.

The sound has three key elements: value, pitch and quality. The propose of this project is to map the feeling and environment with these three elements.

[ Example1 ] V&A Project from Miyu and Eva
Control the quality and pitch of sound, based on colour.

[ Example2 ]
Control the value(beat) of sound, based on pitch that created by audience.

Sound is More than Sonic


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