Idea 3: Sound Helmet

‘If we can make virtual reality, why not to make a virtual sound environment?’
This suggestion is from my friend. It suddenly comes out to me that I can make a ‘fake’ sound surround sound – with a helmet.
Why Helmet
As mentioned in my last blog, surround speakers is a effective way to build an ideal sound playback environment because the real sound comes from every direction in our real life, if we can simulate a similar environment, the playback could be very close to real situation. Comparing with Dolby Atmos system, which simulate this environment by placing speakers as much as possible, helmet is more simple and efficient – it is in shape of circle, and smaller. More than this, a helmet could even be made as a sphere.
Technical Support
Another reason I finally chose this idea is it is more workable comparing with the former 2 ideas – the resonance technique has been mature enough to be applied. The resonance speaker has now been ready to daily life. With it I can turn the helmet to a speaker possibly.
A resonance speaker is as known as vibration speaker, or exciter. It can vibrate the surface attached to it on a syntony frequency, which would turn the surface to a speaker. This is to say, I can turn the whole helmet into big speaker with exciter.
The playback environment is very important for this project because it will decide how this project would be like. The helmet is small, and the exciter is now made in module. Combination of this two advantages would make the ideal playback environment possible.
Idea 3: Sound Helmet


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