Idea 2: Project Umbrella

A french guy named J.N. zippers invented camera in 1826, while the recording tech was invented 31 years later by a french scientist Leon Scott. Actually, much more hard work has been invested on sound than vision – composition of display screen is doubled every year, but 2-tone stereo speaker has been used for 63 years[ EMI tried stereo LP for the first time in 1953 ]. It is a challengeable choice to make a sound project. But it is also very important for this project to build a super hearing environment. Fortunately, many people have tried before me.

One of the solutions is Dolby Atmos, which attends to build a perfect sound playback system by using a circle of speakers. According to them, this system could:
Frees sound to move all around you: Rather than being constrained to channels, sounds exist as individual entities that are precisely placed and moved in three-dimensional space.
Adds an overhead dimension: A new sensation of height immerses you in the action, creating a full audio atmosphere and realistically depicting objects moving overhead.
Produces breathtaking sound quality: Dolby Atmos renders everything from dialogue to quiet scenes to whirlwind action with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth.
Creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience: It all comes together in sound that excites your senses and inspires your emotions to deliver the full impact of entertainment.

This is a very direct way to rebuild sound closing to reality.It is obviously impossible to just place a number of speakers for my project, but this can be a reference for me – by setting speakers as a circle, the user in the centre will be able to get an ideal sound playback experience.
Inspired by the structure of umbrella, I realised that I can get use of umbrella to build an similar array of speakers.
The problem is, however, controlling audio with more than 2 tones is very challengeable, not to mention recording relevant sound for them. As mentioned above, stereo standard[ 2-tone audio ] has been used for 63 years, all the hardware and software is designed for 2 tones. I considered to use 8 microphone to record directly to each speakers, but making them work in real-time is almost impossible for portable controller [ such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino ]. Although there is some artists did so as I searched, but those who use multiple speakers is only for experimental/concept sound, instead of specific sound.

Similar Project ‘Anywhere’ from Russian Artist Vtol
Moreover, umbrella is a tool that has been set to a specific meaning for people, which might mislead my users to use it as a sound installation.
Idea 2: Project Umbrella


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