Concept/Narrative/Findings #Collaborate!#

Having been communicating with my partner this week, we have got a more specific form of our project.

Basically, this project will be divided into three parts.


Part 1: What influence has human made in the past ~50 years?

This part is about data collecting and observe.

My partner and I have tried all the possible ways that can achieve the data of carbon emission and store. We found that we can actually get a complete and sequent data of the carbon emission by groups or in a macro scale[ For example, emission of London, consuming of England ]. Although we can not get the accurate numbers, it is not hard to sketch the trend and key points.


Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics

(From: Department of Energy & Climate Change)



Energy Trends

(quarterly and monthly data) (From: Department of Energy & Climate Change)


Part 2: What influence is human making now?

This part is about data visualisation. The plan we have got for now is to present some specific aspect of carbon data that we can get in real time. For example, carbon transfer rate, costuming amount and use ratio in the power generating and flow from National Power Grid, or carbon capture and storage data of UK from a third environment party. In this part, I will take charge in information design and visualisation.


 CO2 Stored Map (Available in real time) (From: CO2 Stored Inc.)



CO2 Stored Data (Available in real time) (From: CO2 Stored Inc.)



Visualisation Concept Design


Part 3: What kind of change will human cause in future?blog3_img6

This part is more about individuals. The plan for now is to make a interactive installation to present audience theirselves` data after they type their daily life habits. We could calculate the data they give us to a more concise and visual form to present the carbon change.


Concept/Narrative/Findings #Collaborate!#

Interface Politics #Speculative Design#

Is it utilitarian or convenience the industries to set up interface politics?

Speculative design, as a method to find possible problems we may face in the future, is coming with something more away from criticism issues – UnitedMicroKindombecause the idea of speculative design is also from designers/companies, it is along with interface politics. For example, <The United Micro Kingdoms> from Dunne & Raby is thinking of the society in another perspective, however, it comes with a certain politics which was given from designers inevitably. In this situation, is it positive or negative for the design itself to set up [or be set up] interface politics?


It is hard to judge a politic which has not cause any influence yet. However we can conclude[ or assume ] some ideas from the existing interface politics. hololensIn my point of view, if this kind of politics are considered as an attemptable standardisation, it is positive. The role of the politic is like a guidance of the possible industry/filed. For example, The way we interact with artificial object in Hololens from Microsoft can be seen as a positive politic. Because no one knew or tried to make such a kind of design, it actually offered us a direction of thinking.


Otherwise, iphoneProtoif this politic is considered as a tool to be utilitarian for the designer/company itself, the design would take more responsibilities for the audience.
Apple Inc is an example. When the politics may impact on a huge amount of audience [through your design], politics would restrain the way we thinking.


In conclusion, it is more important to decide what perspective you are thinking from for your design than how to design. Speculative design, in my point, should think from a macro mind, even if you carry out your plan in a very small thing finally. And take the possible responsibility for your design and your audience.

Interface Politics #Speculative Design#

What Is the Meaning to Nature as Human Being #Collaborate!#

During last week, My 「Collaborate!」 Project has been progressing to a more precisely stage.


I decide to make this project in purpose of exploring the meaning of human being to nature, from the perspective of carbon emission. By ‘human being’, I mean both individuals and groups.

What is the meaning to nature as human being? As a normal species, human is placed as a link of food chain, expending and emissioning energy. However, being different from animals and plants, daily lives and transportations make human cause much more transfer of energy. Our activities are impacting on nature gradually and intricately, while few people noticed that. Carbon, as a kind of fundamental form of energy and organism, could be a intuitionistic, dependable and direct way to observe and research the influence of human to nature, furthermore, to help us to expect what the world will be under these influence.


There are two ways to approach this project – transfer of carbon caused by individuals and groups.


As groups, usually we focus on how much and what kind of influence a group have caused, how it is impacting on nature now, and what trend it will looks like. It is more about observation. Most of data can be found from government and groups` website. What we are going to do is to find a proper way to present it to our audience.



In terms of individuals, human is changing the world in forms of carbon in 3 ways – daily life, transportation and food [energy intake]. They are varying every moment as we live in different ways. Fortunately, most of time we can calculate it and sort of predict it. What we are going to do is make the data interactive with audience on real time.


[ About My Partner ]

I have found a students from

/MSc Carbon Management(Edinburgh University) [accepted]

Nobody will be more professional than students from this subject. They have wide knowledge and deep sense about carbon and the relationship between nature and human[from perspective of carbon]. We have built contact and started to look for the necessary data, strategies and analyses of carbon. Besides, his MA final paper is about individuals` carbon emissions. Thus it would be very helpful for my project as well.

/MSc Big Data And Digital Futures(University of Warwick) [no response]

/MSc Web Science and Big Data Analytics(King`s College London) [discuss in progress]

/MSc Data Science(Goldsmiths University of London) [contacted]

/MSc Web Science and Big Data Analytics(University College London) [not proper]

/MSc Big Data Science(Queen Mary University of London) [no response]


Students from Data Science should be familiar with and very good at grabbing, collecting, analysing and applying data from everyday`s life in such a information exploding era of Web2.0. These data are what I need to approach this project.

What Is the Meaning to Nature as Human Being #Collaborate!#

The Beauty of Data #Collaborate!#



Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. But what is data? Is it just numbers? or facts, figures and databases? What if we understand each story behind the number waiting to be told? – story that told about our interactions, the choice we made, and the lives we live. As we became more data driven, how do we make sense of the numbers? and what can we learn about these data stories? We live deep in massive data everyday, which are the most loyal recorders that write history and shape world.

As a result, the data sent us disciplines and methodologies. We bring them together with researches from crossed disciplines, to pioneer new methods, explore new data processes, tell the stories that speak to the numbers. With the collaboration with a partner from data science, the project will help us to be more well-known about numbers and big data, to understand the data of creates, and how it shapes our world.

In the big data era, things are operated independently, so that we can ask our questions. Why does the carbon data get onto this trend? what the politics of those data? how was it used to predict control and create different kinds of futures?


For my 「Collaborate!」 project, I have got two plans.



How can we present these data to the people needed in a more concise and simple way? (data visualisation) (macroscopic)

How would these data impact on everyone`s life? (physical computing)

[Possible Reference]

CO2 Stored – Carbon capture and stored

UKERC – Electricity upon environment (oil and gas)

– Energy Consumption in the UK

– National Grid

Department of Energy & Climate Change



How do we exist on this planet? What kind of impact would people make on the world? Am I pollutional?  (data visualisation/interaction)

The Beauty of Data #Collaborate!#